Scripture: Romans 14:1-12

The Trial

  • Pressure will take you to a place that you wouldn’t have gone unless you had been pressured
  • Sometimes we limit ourselves because of pressure(when it gets too hard we give up)
  • God orders your steps but you must take the first step. God will not force you to walk.
  • God has Angels employed for you. You have Angels working for you that you don’t have to pay;God pays them
  • The trial is like a pressure
  • God has a big eraser and He will erase all of your past
  • The devil is like a prosecutor. He will raise charges against you and your mind.
  • Jesus is our defense attorney. He has never lost a case. He will not only make everything alright but He will also give you the authority to put the devil under your feet too!
  • Jesus can set you free; Jesus will fight your battles We will all one day stand before the judgement seat
  • The devil will try to trap you because of everything you’ve been through
  • The devil will attack you when you’re trying to get closer to God Sometimes the pressure and pain can be so tight that it will give you anxiety and make you even consider taking your own life
  • But the pressure will cause the oil(anointing) to come out
  • The anointing will break the yoke.
  • The devil can swing but he won’t strike
  • What the devil meant for you evil God will turn it for your good
  • Nothing you have done could ever separate you from the love of God.